Friday, November 8, 2013

Thought for The Day - Perfect Pitch

Declare It! - 8 x 11 - Colored Pencils

As in perfect voice. As in singing or speaking...when the voice by training , or a moment of instinctual balance and release, comes through with a sound, smoothly, evenly. Perfect pitch; when the sound coming from you, as an instrument, move at a rate detected by the ear, moving the listener to attention. Perfect pitch; well spoken, delivered in perfect sound, exciting the soul!

More than a practice of classical trained singers musicians and orators, it springs from the heart and soul of the person willing to align themselves in that moment. Perhaps, over time, the delivery can be "canned;" practiced to the extent that exact delivery point, that sound repeated. But it is the soul, that connection to God and a desire to declare, that moves our soul to hear.

Perfect Pitch; choosing to be the vehicle, the very vessel for a statement in a moment. I have watched teenagers, with no formal training, but only a desire to "sing for God," stand on a platform with hundreds watching, and sing in such perfect pitch, you would swear the voice was came from heaven. I've seen people sing and speak in the least ideal circumstances - flat building, average height ceiling - come through with a sound that rocks you to your core! And I've seen people who couldn't "hold a note" in an instant, sing as if Sarah Vaughn were 'channeled' through them!

Declaration; in this case a willingness to share, to pronounce, to make known. When we decide we have something to share, when we do so, perhaps in spite of our own sense of weakness or fear, we can stir the soul. And perhaps, for that moment, we have added our voice to those who desire to change the world. Perfect pitch; DECLARE IT!!!