Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thought for The Day - Really? What is it?

It's a tremor, a quiver felt from shoulder to shoulder.

It's a picture, hiding just behind the stark white of the paper or the canvas

It's a color or pattern or texture, built by layer upon layer, pleading for expression in this realm

It's a theme, a subject, a title yet revealed...

The creative process; when intention takes me to the border of this world and the unseen,

My hand is the tool, carving out colors from that other place.

When I allow my mind to cross that line, to sit, to stand in front of those flat surfaces and scratch that paper, energy and light coming through, it is my pleasure to be the delivery man of this beautiful message.

Do you understand it? Is the message clear? Or do you need a name, a title or designation to handle the simple words your soul clearly understands?