Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thought for The Day - The Figure

Sleeping Beauty 8 x 11 pencil
A Kiss 12 x 16 Pastels

Sitting here, sheet of pastel paper taped and prepped behind me, a Gil Evans rendition (circa, 1961) of "Where Flamingos Fly," I have the sense of these lovely figures moving in my head. I see them, the beautiful fluid motion of legs and arms, torsos and shoulder, moving slowly and moving fast.

Shapely in their form and variety, skin tones beautiful and luxurious, from dark brown to a glowing light caramel, their value being the soul beneath, active and full of life.

I see you, my beautiful sisters, moving about; from kitchens to the children's room, to the office, the store, behind the wheel and sometimes hauling boxes. Beautiful in your determination to be part of life, to be considered and to stand.

Your beauty is legendary! To watch you captured in a photo or better, to see you in person...the essence of glorious radiance shining in your face!