Monday, November 18, 2013

Thought for The Day - Pullin' it together

It's like weaving, the process of bringing the colors together through the channel of my hands and mind. I love the process of rendering because in a sense, I operate from a observer's point of view as well as "brick-layer." I get to step back, observe the process, analyze what's lacking, which turn I could have taken , and what other possibilities exist beyond the moment. As the "brick-layer" I'm applying the colors or tones, if I'm working with charcoal. It's almost mechanical and there are times  where I feel less like an artist and more like a brick-layer. But the process of both keeps everything in perspective.

There are times when works "in progress" remain on the easel or drawing board for weeks and months, and the only action taken is observing. I wake and as part of my process of daily preparation, writing, journaling, I sit and stare. Then I add a couple touches and simultaneously, plan the next drawing. And the wonderful thing - at least for me - what I plan rarely makes it to paper or canvas! It's wonderful because there is s a certain amount of spontaneity in the process and from piece to piece.