Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thought for The Day - Friction

Rise! - 18 x 24 Pastels
Friction - sometimes we aren't aware of the resistance until an attempt is made to move or the object (person, ideology or philosophy) in proximity moves away. Friction occurs when two objects in contact with one another and one is moving away the other. It happens when we want to move in a direction and the other wants to stay or go the opposite direction. And the rub comes when we aren't sure if or why we are moving in different directions. It can also occur when we think someone "should be" going in the same direction, you are certain you are, but actions speak differently. Depending on the attachment, transitioning away may not be as easy as one would imagine.

While we think our higher goals propel us to greater heights, certain factors make it near impossible to let go of the familiar. Good times, familiar surroundings, dreams shared and aspirations sought; we find ourselves, fighting against ourselves. Is it any wonder, people capable and dreaming of so much, hold on to familiar, yet destructive surroundings? Personal experience: you remember or readily recall what drew you to this person, place or thing and somehow, your higher aspirations seem to lose its luster.

It's a battle, and one we are born to fight. Our dreams and aspiration won't allow us to settle for less and yet familiarity draws us near. Many people have surrendered dreams only to pick up bad habits, disease and angry personalities trying not to grow beyond the familiar. When everything in you strives against your sensibilities.