Monday, December 9, 2013

Thought for The Day - Naming

We use words, give names, designations and terms to describe and distinguish. We label, describe, use similes and metaphors and though language can be fluid, in our heads and our culture, choices are made to malign one another with words. Labels and names are attached and individuals and people are grouped together, categorized, their lives dismissed with one word or phrase.

And yet the power of words, names even can change the very fabric of the air. We can build and encourage with a single word or phrase, when our hearts desire to do so. This entry isn't about giving 'certain words' to do so; no, it's a reminder to do it with your intention. It's an opportunity to see that our heart's desire should always be to encourage, to love. Now mind you, I realize that love is not all rose petals and butterfly kisses. As a matter of fact, love can be so firm and seem hurtful when exercised as truth. But its intention is always to encourage and ultimately for us to grow.