Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thought for The Day - At a Distance watching Time Go By

Dancing Against the Rhythm 12 x 16 Pastels

Look up
The clock changes
9:50 becomes 9:51
as though it were a flit of an eyelash

Too many times I’ve been the observer
At a distance from it ALL
Wanting to be involved
But at a distance
Held away from the heat of it all

When I’m close
A part of me
Plays the spectator
Like the drama around me
Was acted in a theater in the round
Around me, happening
But me
Sitting in the audience
Safely away from the blood to be spilled

A smile, inappropriately appears on my face
I’m watching and involved
But that spectator reflex knows
It’s 53 minutes past the hour
And the plot resolution
Even with a twist
Is coming to an end.

At a distance watching time go by…