Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Thought for The Day - The Long Road

Out for a Drive 8 x 11 colored pencils

We travel over hills, through valleys and around the bend and the road continues to unfold...

Making plans, dreaming and creating "cautionary plans for the B" - you know what I'm talking about, when that well meaning individual(s) said you should ," consider a "fall back plan" just in case your dreams don't work out; silly rabbit! Plans fail, but dreams always come true and dreaming is what brave people do! The path before us calls us to wake from this "reality" at any given moment and rediscover a world free of pitfalls and potholes!

Wake up my friends! Perhaps it isn't the exercise of creativity as in writing or dancing or singing, but everyone has a dream and for the majority of us our dreams didn't didn't involve fulfilling another person's dreams "in lieu" of ours! Wake up to that place you abandoned so long ago. Perhaps it is EXACTLY what this world needs to become ideal for you and your grandchildren! Maybe the shape of it is altered for who you've become, but by all means, pull it out from under the bed, put it in practice.

This life is long and arduous, but perhaps it is that way because we are all too busy being adults and reasonable. Maybe it's time to make the path long and adventurous!