Friday, October 30, 2009

In Process

Okay, so I finished "Day at the Beach" and will post pictures soon. Actually "Day at the Beach" has become less pleasant and more somber. In my effort to add layers of paint, which has been my style since college, I not only went with layered effect, the colors got darker. It began as a greenish-blue sea with a light blue sky. Now it's dark blue with hints of green and white for the caps of the waves. The sky is dark. Yeah, I need to post that one and a shot of the original look.

I'll dig the camera out of the car and do that this weekend. My plan is to revisit the original theme and work it with lighter colors for the sky and sea. The intent of the picture is to see the waters as the sky as though one were out in the water about 50 feet from the shore and the only thing in sight were the water and sky. That remains consistent between the two.