Friday, October 30, 2009

This is the Work, too

This is the work as well. An artist or writer or anyone working in a discipline where they work alone; what’s needed to know is whether you do the marketing and selling, or someone does it for you, it’s your work. Others can represent you but the message ‘we’ have comes from our hearts and soul. There are times when the message doesn’t fit in a pulpit, a thirty-minute infomercial or on a canvas. Does its value diminish because no one understands it?

The innovators and leaders of the last century had to be themselves in a world that didn’t accept and certainly didn’t understand them. They did the work of proclaiming in a unique fashion what didn’t fit in the norms of society. Many of us, while we don’t understand the work of Picasso, the mention of his name or looking at one of his paintings, instant recognition. And yet, he had to take a risk, multiple risks. He had to risk rejection and yet allow his message to the world to scream in his heart and soul until no matter whether understood or not, he continued painting and drawing.

I’ll work. I learn about pricing, marketing, speak with other artists, and art business coaches as well. Sometimes I wonder if I’m being true to the calling, but then I remember the ultimate aim. Others may come along to help, but no one can tell my story like me. The story and the art is a reflection of me. And as such, it must come out!