Friday, October 30, 2009

Next up, Predawn Light

The decision to begin painting this image was 'finalized,' as I typed the title. I have two canvases sitting in my studio space, primed and ready to go. I have two paintings I want to do: Predawn light and "Daybreak." Actually, the theme of extreme dark and light seems to run consistent over the last few paintings. Images of large dark portions of the painting with a glimmer of light.

The sketch of predawn light gives a hint of what's to come. That's the rough sketch. The painting will contain the same imagery, with greater emphasis on the shadow and dramatic effects on the limited light coming through the window and landing throughout the room. The idea behind this is the very early morning, when I return to the room to wake my wife for the day. Usually, I'm up before sunrise. When I come back to the room there's that hint of light coming through the edge of the window. It's just enough light to give the visible parts of the room a glow. These days, that little light is magical to me.