Monday, May 2, 2011


I have this wonderful schedule posted above my desk. Forgive the many analogies to exercise, but it's one of the many disciplines I've seen near immediate results from. So here it is: the idea of the schedule is to keep me on track, build in skill building techniques, techniques that build experience, as well as reach out (social networking).

It would be easier to give in to fear and allow the excitement and joy of creating to fester inside me - again. Today, I broke (if only for today) the cycle; I spent hours working on a single painting. According to my schedule, I'm supposed to spend two hours painting. Now for some artists, two hours a day isn't much, but like physical fitness, I need to build up my 'muscles' before I'm lost for day in the studio. But for me, to spend approximately 4 hours painting, that's a major accomplishment!

As I type out this blog, I'm listening to music - Jill Scott and she's repeating the word "TRY." Very familiar with the song, especially with the concept of "try again." I think if there was a message for anyone that reads this, it is TRY, TRY, then TRY a few more times, then TRY once
again. So for now, Eddie has tried and he has a measure of success. He will wake tomorrow and follow the schedule: drawing 2 hours. In the short term, from the critical eye, this isn't much and yet for me, this is a great start. I hope to see creative muscle definition very soon. By the way, I'm so beat I can barely keep my eyes open. I guess that's what happen when you give it all you got!