Monday, May 23, 2011

I've Signed it...

I've heard it said that artist should blog about their work. After all, that's why we're on the web...okay, so maybe I'm not an artist on the web. Maybe I'm a writer, especially when it comes to blogging. To those whom I share insight, I guess I'm putting on my counselor hat. When my poetry is put out there, I guess I'm the poet. And the rare occasions I actually say something about the work I've visually rendered, then, yes I'm an artist. So what does all of this make me?

"When" I sign my 2009, I pulled out paints, pencils and other art supplies I honestly had not touched since 1984. I also pulled out paintings from my parents basement from the same year. Most of the work had no signature - but it was all mine - and immediately I recalled my rationale for not signing, back in the day. The bravado put forth, was that it was "vain," sort of like the thinking of bringing children into the world to continue one's legacy.

These days, I sign a few pieces, though the logic for not signing has changed. Pealing back the layers of media-speak, the reason many things aren't signed, or publicly displayed, or placed in plain for all the world to see is me. I could name an ugly emotion or lack of self-esteem, but isn't all of that, as well as a healthy self-esteem, bundled up in my body, soul and spirit? Aren't all the wholesome as well as unhealthy thinking part and parcel of what makes Eddie unique?

I have two paintings that will get a signature today, even if it's 11:58 or :59 pm! One painting titled, "Bird in Flight," seems to have a single focal point on a dark background. To see the painting up close is to see, not only the bird, but a single tree, leaning - as my wife pointed out, yesterday.  The story behind this painting is this: one evening, while in prayer (the type with eyes closed, head bowed and a dark room) the image flashed across my conscious mind. I could see the outline of trees in a dark background, being blown by a strong breeze. Then, suddenly a bird taking off from what seemed to be a body of water. The image stayed with me, giving me the impression I should draw and paint it. I haven't touched the painting in over a year for various reasons, but looking at it, laying in the stack of paintings the other day, I thought it was time to put the finishing touches on it. I put it on the easel and to my surprise, it was finished! Except for one thing: a signature.

Bird in Flight
Finishing things and releasing them is a way of always making room for more. It's realizing that my life exists beyond the four walls of my mind. It is living in relationship with the messages as well as delivering those messages to others. I may always blog about nearly everything, but ultimately, isn't it a way of relating to my world?