Monday, May 2, 2011


...if you search the web, you may find a similar blog post by me on my website at I'm having trouble with my website publishing software, plus it's a bear managing two blogs! Oh well, the 'burdens' of being a 'creative-type!'

My son! The youngest is a bundle of endless energy when it comes to video games, if he could, he would play all day and well into the night. At moments like this, where, someplace between "ohmygod, I'm not earning money" and gazing at a painting in progress, I would love some playtime.

When you're a kid, they have to tell you to stop playing and do something important and beneficial to the mutual benefit of everyone around you. When you're an adult, with adult responsibilities, you have to tell yourself - or you listen to your spouse - to take some downtime; in other words, take sometime to play! I often feel I've been given a gift of time and talent, but the "disciplinarian," the one that tells me to "get to work," will not be restrained. I'll sit and contemplate the contentious list of should-be-done and even wait for directions to the next task, meanwhile, hour after hour passes, and the "real work" gets squeezed in. my mind, I am that kid who ignores the call to come in and do chores. I am playing way past dark and who refuses to grow up. But in my body, I'm the man who has responsibilities. How about a bit of both?