Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm Listening...

I'm Listening, Oils, 24 x 40
There's a great deal of noise in our world and that includes the space between our ears. All of this input, this clatter, this static is perfect when you want to run from yourself. And when the energy from past hurts and today's fears scream at you, what better place to hide than in plain sight?

But that's not the place to hide; we all know there isn't much comfort and compassion, let alone reason, in this world. "I'm listening..." quietly, patiently. Sitting, in the noise, in the hustle and bustle, waiting for knowledge and wisdom, healing and love. "I'm listening," though my own heart frantically cries out for relief. "I'm listening," past the roar of my "lack" and my "wants." "I'm listening because beyond all of this, there is a response that defies language; because beyond the easy way out, there is hope defying logic.

I'm practicing patience; not the pain-full type where the next second without relief is agony. No, this patience says "it's coming, it's coming; no, it is here." A relaxed declaration from the soul of a man who trusts God to put the parts together, to bring relief and most importantly, to put this life in purposeful existence.

Listen. Quiet your heart. Allow the message(s) from the well of your soul to bring your life into perspective. Then await further instructions.