Thursday, January 8, 2015

What if...?

Sitting in this chair
My mind filled with a thousand intersecting and clashing thoughts
What if
I had taken the TA (teaching assistant) position when I was in college
And spent time with the professional artist teaching at school
And gotten on the path of painting
And learned all the great places a young emerging artist could display his work
And sold paintings
And bought a two flat on the near north side
When property was cheap but on the rise
And established myself as an artist

What if...
I explored the avenues of playing music
developed talent to the extent I played proficiently
Picked up the guitar
Played the drums
And mastered the piano
And played in bands
And started my own band

What if...
I bought real estate
And sold it
Invested in stocks and options
Bought farms out west and south
Before Plainfield and Bolingbrook became the cities they are now

What if...
I started where I am at this very moment
Head full of ideas
and dreams
And simply did what I needed to do
To enrich my life
Have adventures
And connect with people?