Friday, January 2, 2015

Again and Again

Some days, you look up and half of it is gone! You work at a fever pace, completing tasks, meetings, scheduling additional meetings and running the growing list of "to-do's" down in your head as you progress. But this isn't your focus; your mind is truly...elsewhere. Your thoughts and actions aren't quite aligned and though you are being responsible and "adult," you ignore the damage you're doing to you and really, the whole world!

You aren't the only one. We live in a world where many people spend their days either dragging through the day, rushing through the day (which is funny when you consider the clock doesn't move faster) or simply unenthused about the day. Day after day, again and again. No life, no willingness to search the soul to see if there's anything else worth living for!

And yet there is! Certainly there's entertainment and good food. Sure you can live for the weekend, vacations, "getting away" and taking a break. But those are mere distractions! What about living for love, joy and your positive contribution to this world? What about living and exercising your divine gift to enrich your life and the lives of those around you? What about living and playing and working in ways where each day you wake with joyful anticipation of the day's task?My friend, it may not seem possible, but it is. There are no "one-size-fits-all" formulas but there is a recipe, a remedy that comes specifically from you! And it begins with you taking time to determine what it is and how you can do it! It develops and grows and becomes a vital part of your existence and betters those around you.

Today, take a few minutes to examine what you've always wanted to do, who you wanted to be. If there are multiple things, explore each - you don't have to be limited to one and you certainly don't have to wear yourself out being what others think you should be. Be Y-O-U!