Sunday, February 28, 2010

Early Morning Work

It's 9:30 pm. I have a canvas sitting near complete, one I'm itching to get to and a sheet of pastel and watercolor paper I would love to give some time. But again, it's 9:30 and in another 7 hours, if I do this right, I'll be up, going to the gym.

It's a new habit, waking at 4:30. So far, I'm awake before the alarm clock goes off. Three days a week, out the door at 5:00. Two days a week, I'm up, reading the bible, praying and squeezing in time for the art.

It's an effort, a spirited attempt at getting a sense of order in my life regarding both exercise and the painting. If you've noticed in earlier blogs, I might stay awake until 3 - 4:00 am, trying to paint, but nothing with consistency.

Early morning work is my attempt to trick my mind into thinking I'm making progress to a better me; physically, spiritually and creatively. Let's hope I can this going for a few years.