Sunday, February 14, 2010

What do you do on Day 3?

Since late April of last year, I've:

  • Finished a second year of a Master's program for Counseling
  • Begin painting
  • Begin drawing
  • Posted photos on my Facebook account
  • Created a Flicker account
    • Begin putting images out there
    • Labeling and describing the images
  • Created a blog (kind of fell off the regularity wagon on this one)
  • Created a Twitter account
  • Created a website
  • Working on a monthly newsletter
I forget to mention, I sold a painting. But in the grand scheme of things, everything I do seems like day 3 of a very long journey. No discouragement or anxiety, just an acknowledgement that I have a great deal of work to do. 

I've said it before, work is good, especially when it's work you love. I've spent the last three weeks developing enough content to post to a website, then late nights and a long weekend wrangling files between my computer and the hosting company. And finally the site could be clearly seen. So many times, I wanted to call an 'expert.' But I kept reminding myself: "this is my work. And every detail I learn to do myself, the greater my help to myself."

Somewhere in the future, it's my hope that I am known by my art. I would like to have a following that allows me to rely solely on the business I create. I want to have my days (and nights if I desire) available to work as I see fit. Each day I do the work, each time I exercise my ability to "do the work," tossing aside exhaustion and frustration and pressing forward.

The day will come when I will rely on others to manage the business, but until then, I will struggle to establish my image and make Eddie L. Hudson, Gallery Hudson, Hudson Gallery and His Words, synonymous with creativity and light.