Monday, December 28, 2009

Into the Water

A person can spend a great deal of time on the 'shores' of life; playing, pretending they are living life. We pretend the world is a dangerous place to be, that it is a huge evil machine, teeth prepared to bear down and destroy us. All this while enjoying comforts that matured in the last 100 years or so. We dream and scheme, of a life richer and worth living, but we remain distant from it, blaming the big scarey monster for blocking our way. We never take a moment to dip our big toe in an adventure; we do our best to ensure our children learn to be as afraid as we are.

But one has to go beyond the shoreline of life. Whether you wade into the water, run into it or dive into the wake, it's time to leave the safety and miserable comfort we've come to know. It's time to dive into the dreams we keep to ourselves. The dreams don't need shelter or safety, because in them is the wonder of miracles, of life lived boldly. Our dreams contain the matter of vibrant living and lives that connect us all. Yes, your dream contains the stuff that makes this world seem like a world of wonder and love.