Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The "Be-Working" Hour

Way back in the day, I would be up at this time of the morning (2:00 am), painting or drawing, trying to finish something for a class the next day. "No-doz," tea; trying to stay awake, and nothing worked at the time. If only I had known about lighting a fire in the belly...

So it's 2009, and I'm wide awake and because I need to be at a job in the morning, I need medicine to force sleep. I'll close my eyes in a bit, and images will flash across my mind, frozen in a moment, challenging me to remember - or better yet, get up and put them on paper - to paint, draw and otherwise. This is my working hour, where my energy seems to ramp up with the words I write as well as the images I work on. It's funny; when age and sensibility tells me to get a good night's sleep, I'm willing to stay awake and work. When I'm sitting at the desk during the day, I'm thinking about drawings and paintings, detailing the colors I would like to use. This hour, this time, is the true bewitching - I mean 'be-working hour!'