Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fall for Francene

Though I shouldn't be surprised to hear it, each time I hear I do, there's this sense of wonder. That is, the people that say fall is their favorite time of year. I think its a shock to hear because you don't hear people getting excited and making energetic plans for to fall activities, unless you count sitting in a stadium. Weather patterns (especially here in Chicago) more prone to winter conditions than "Indian Summer," you would think people would dread it.  But it isn't the case.

People speak of the changing of the leaves, how beautiful it is to see the reds and oranges. Some speak of hot homemade soups and stews and times around a hearth. But again, it is a strange season to love.

I would not say I dislike fall; absolutely, I love it and for the same reasons as others. Goodness, I enjoy the wet and cool days as well, having to bundle up as a cold breeze attempts to invade my shield called a coat. I love temperatures that are cold in the morning, warm at lunch (sun hanging in the sky as though it were 3:00 when its 12:00) and cool again in the evening. I like going for walks through orchards, picking apples and stuffing myself with as many varieties as possible. I like warm fruit pies and cold lemon pies.

In a day or two I'll post "Fall for Francene." This is one of those rare moments when I do a few things I don't normally do:

  1. Paint something, someone asks for (not a commissioned piece)
  2. Break the schedule of the fifty or more painting ideas I have in mind
  3. Attempt to picture the vision another speaks of
The reason I do it is because of Francene. She's been a very dear friend for years. Her easy going personality, the way she seems to laugh and the struggle she endures, is all inspiration to me. I've spent the last month or so thinking about "Fall for Francene," and not a day goes by when I don't see the sky, slight clouds and gold, red and orange leaves in the trees above. The leaves may be gone from the trees, but in my mind it remains "Fall for Francene."