Monday, September 28, 2009


For a number of years, this question came to mind. At some point, it was ‘asked’ daily and several times a day. I thought the question was being asked as a challenge; that may be partially true. But just now, the reason, the application of the question was broadened.

I’ve heard that as we get older our interests and priorities change. As I approached 40, I was shifting my priorities. I was earning more than I had ever earned and was caught between wanting ‘more’ – meaning ‘stuff’: better cars, better clothes, bigger house and the ‘finer things’ in life – and wanting to shift to a life with more meaning. Some of my more stressful moments have found me declaring: “I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!”

Well, I’ve learned “what I want” is to make an impact on the world. And I’ve found doing art is a doorway to favorable impressions. When I’m doing art I am expressing my thoughts, feelings and insight of life. What do I want? To make a difference through my words and images.