Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fear is Okay

No joke. I've been afraid many, many times. I have "died" a thousand deaths ("a coward dies a thousand deaths")! But then again, I have faced fear a thousand times as well. I have walked up to death, fear and 'failure,' stared 'em down and got my ass handed to me! I have faced 'em down and walked away with victory as well.

I have these 'expectations' of me; these goals. Had them a long time. The ones that are truly mine have reformed, reshaped and yet remained. One of them is this 'writing thing;' the other is my art.

I'm writing this because I just had a moment...I started this 'fun' project a few weeks ago - see the attached picture and didn't realize how 'big' it was. Tonight this was one of those stare down moments. It's easier to walk away than to continue staring at it. But...