Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Keeping the Spark Going!!!

Last week, feeling rather down and in ‘the dumps,’ I tried to consider what was needed to make His Words, Inc a business possible of supporting my family and I. Admittedly, the weight of “how to sell,” and “how to reprint” my work was weighing on me. As a result, many days, a sense of uneasiness and fear prevailed. For a few days, when I would wearily drop my head, a vision came to mind of an ember, shielded in the dark, but kept safe from extinction.

I’m stating this emphatically: I HATE FEELING STUCK!!! At this point in my life I feel I can do all things through Christ, so feeling incapable of changing the direction of my life is comparable to someone attaching a rotting corpse to my back! But this morning, a note left for me: “I am a full time artist,” energized my day! As opposed to looking at the tasks before me as insurmountable and requiring a significant amount of external boosting, I began to consider the possibilities…I’ve tried doing that over the last few weeks, but today, an added boost of energy was added to those thoughts. Consider the possibilities “with hope” is so much better than viewing the future without.

Fuel the fire. Take a different way to where ever, exercise, get angry (but don’t remain that way), get happy, look at your life as half full or completely (and joyfully) full. By all means keep your fires going! Blow on it, feed it, and never let life’s circumstances extinguish it!